They’re Back: Allen Iverson and Reebok Re-Introduce the Answer IV

by Dal on Aug.07, 2012, under News, Shoes

035-answer4 Allen Iverson is back with a new shoe re-release. Without doubt, after The Questions, Allen Iverson’s most well-known shoe has to be The Answer IV. Worn during his 2000-01 MVP season, the classic Reebok’s most enduring image was created in Los Angeles, when following a right-to-left cross and corner jumper at the Staples Center, Iverson stepped over a prone Tyronn Lue on his way to handing the Laker juggernaut their first—and, as it would turn out, only—loss of the postseason.

The best way to describe The Answer IV to someone who’s never seen it is this: a sleek and streamlined update of The Question. The Answer IV utilized similar colorblocking and the same ghilly lacing, but featured a lower cut and a zip-up upper, as well as new tech—full-length DMX as opposed to Hexalite—in the midsole.

“The Answer IV, we really set out to create a lightweight shoe with a great speed graphic,” says Reebok Global VP Todd Krinsky. “So when you look at the Answer IV, it’s got a very strong front-to-back graphic that goes throughout the shoe. We created shoes that have a 3M reflective shot because we were always wondering what a shoe would look like when it was shot, flashes going on in the arena. It’s got a 3D Ultralite bottom so it makes the shoe two or three ounces lighter than a normal rubber shoe—back in the day before there was light everywhere, it was one of the lightest basketball shoes. And then from a fashion perspective we added the zipper, and so kids could wear it laced up when they were playing, and they could zipper it down with jeans when they weren’t playing.”

Iverson’s personality, by then well-established in NBA circles, was all over the shoe as well. “Only The Strong Survive,” the lettering of one of his earliest tattoos, appears on the outsole, as well as a stark black-and-white impression of his face, complete with his signature headband and braids.

“I was just happy to have my own shoe—that was my dream, that was one of my biggest dreams,” Iverson says now. “Obviously to make it to the NBA, but to have my own signature shoe, I mean, nothin’ topped that. I couldn’t wait to put ‘em on…. And then to have an MVP shoe, to have a Finals shoe, just a dream come true.”

The retro version is actually truer to the shoe Iverson wore on the court than the original release, as it features a Velcro leather flap over the zipper pull (as dictated by the NBA) rather than a plastic cover like the OGs. You’ll be able to find the black/white Answer IV at select retailers (a full list follows at the bottom) for $115 starting on August 10th, with red/white to follow in the fall—and then who knows?

“One of the reasons we’re bringing back the Iverson collection is because these shoes are timeless,” Krinsky says. “They’re just great designs that look modern and fresh in any era.”

You could say the same thing about the guy who wore them.

For more from Todd and Allen Iverson himself on the Answer IV, check the videos after the jump:

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46 Comments for this entry

  • SouthSide

    Boy tha haters sure do come in droves don’t they? The Answer IV is tha hottest re release out and
    most definitely better tha tha bullshit shoe designs out now. Y’all just won’t give up until he fades to black huh? Sorry to say, but it won’t happen, not
    no time soon.

  • RE

    its over just like his career. file bankrupt already and get it over with. loser . fakers sure come in droves dont they , dumbass

  • Brandon Gaffney

    yo this ya boy B.G. fashow hey my dude A.I. gone head and bring them first Answers that came out those where tha best pair of shoes ever made all colors ill buy a pair for every day think about pimp holla!!

  • RE

    Are you retarded brandon gaffney? you probablt dont have any money for one pair , plus they will be off the shelf soon, because they suck and he will go bankrupt. holla pimp, haha loser

  • Jermaine Davis

    The Answer 6 was my favorite A.I. Shoe… Cant wait and hope he bring those back..

  • RE

    you must be fake, cuz you dont know shit. hes broke and stop thinking he aint. be real you loser . police reports lie also then i guess. you retard . atleast jordan had something valuable

  • Jermaine Davis

    Dumb ass…

  • RE

    thats what i thought , bitch

  • SouthSide

    RE I ain’t got time to argue with an internet tough guy and yea police reports can lie u can get fake police reports made stupid ass.

  • RE

    ya , all over the news , moron. how dumb are you. dont answer that internet tuff guy. i bet they just pick on poor iverson, that makes sense. only thing that makes sense, is nobody wants him

    so shut the hell up

  • Guy that done research

    He got 32 million in his bank account- NOT BROKE

    He can draw one million a year + reebok gives him a 7 figure annual pay as a LIFETIME contract.

    Not only that, but the Answer IV was one of the most popular basketball shoes of all time, especially in 2001.

  • RE

    2001 , its 2012 … if he had money he wud not file bankrupt on a house, unless heis just a loser that doesnt pay bills, both. doesnt matter what he makes if he spends more, guy who does research. you should do some research , or just have common sense.


    RE you a bitch Stop talkin shit about someone who would slap the shit out of you and you wouldnt say a peep. AI is one of the greatest of all time and i promise you he has more many than your broke ass.

  • RE

    greatest of all time??haha, thats why nobody wants him and no hall of fame for him. if i made millions and millions of money, i wouldnt be a loser and lose it all and then file for bankruptcy. sounds like the greatest of all times. you are a idiot. shup and slap yourself fo being so dumb

  • Guy that done research

    Re, YOU should get more common sense. You’d figure out by now that the media has been twisting stories of all kinds when it comes out, and the official statements state that he is fine.

    In fact, he makes more than 99% of the people here, and no he isn’t spending more than he earns, you’re just making assumptions with no evidence or backup again (and please don’t use what you saw in the media)

    And as far as one of the greatest of all time? ESPN ranked him fifth best shooting guard of all time (should be second based on how far he got, his stats don’t show what teammates he played with).

    Not only that, but he’s also the greatest little man to ever play the game, and people don’t want him because of his age and the “baggage” that the media have exaggerated. What he’s done in his prime, makes him one of the greatest of all time, not what his status is as a 37 year old. Even and idiot knows that.

    By the way, he didn’t lose all that money (again stop lying he has 32 million dollar, much more than what you have), he isn’t a loser (has done more for the world than you ever will) and he never filed for bankruptcy (no EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER).

    Julius Erving is someone who is actually bankrupt. Does that make him a loser?

    By the way he will make the hall of fame. Watch, he was named one of the top 60 greatest players of all time, and he was ranked in the 20′s in the revised top 50 greatest players of all time list.

  • Malcolm Ivory

    ha. haha. my nigga. ur realy funny. Im not gona sit here and internet fite sum guy who wants to talk trash just 2 see how people react. Does your life suck that bad. Maby a girlfriend can help you.

  • RE

    didnt think you had any smart response, just proves that you and iverson are losers and you cant defend your lover. only trash talk that hurt my feelings – was you calling me a nigga- please dont downgrade me to that or you . have some heart .

  • Guy that done his research

    How many rings does he have ??
    -The same amount as Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Elgin Baylor.

    Good nba players that are wanted and GOOD -finsih there careers in the nba ,not a different country.
    -Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen both finished in a different country. Not only that, but Iverson had 14 solid seasons and is blackballed anyway.

    Why – BECAUSE nobody wants him. Media doesnt even talk about him no more , because no team even looks at him.
    -Wrong, teams do look at him but they say “NO WAY IN HELL” because of how the media portrays his “baggage”.

    He waisted talent and his money. That makes him a loser.
    -He’s donated a lot and continues to run Camp Crossover for youths to help them and he hasn’t wasted it as much as others may have. He is indeed not a loser.

    When you cant pay for house and let the fly. thats a loser.
    -So what if he lost one of his houses? He’s still living better than you, me or anyone else here. He’s not a loser, he still has 32 million for crying out loud.

    get of your dream horse and open your eyes. some people rnt as good as you think they once where.
    -I think I know that, and we A.I fans know for a fact however, that he’s much better than many guards in the game still such as Bibby and Baron Davis.

    And yes it does make julius erving a loser.
    -No it doesn’t, he’s still a legend and his money doesn’t effect the legacy he had and left behind.

    just like your little fairy tale comments about the media hurting poor iverson- stop by a fag
    -If anything is fairy tale, it is your fake assumptions backed up with zero evidence. The media does hurt A.I, it’s a known fact, even a dumbass would know that. You wouldn’t be even alive if you had to go through what he did.

    Now that you’ve continuously used the same points that never work and aren’t valid, please leave this site and come up with something smart and legit.

  • Malcolm Ivory

    To re. Lol. u realy funy. I think we’d b cool if we new each other cuz i luv to talk trash and u seem pretty good at that. But no matter wut im a DIE HARD Iverson fan.

  • Malcolm Ivory

    I have a question. What does RE mean?

  • RE

    guy who does iverson: you are right, a professional nba coach cannot see thru the media and is fooled by the media, thats why they dont want iverson . haha -you are a bigger loser than iverson. and how many rings ?? at least those players finshed there careers out and retired.Letting a house go and not paying for them is a real winner move when you have 30 million in a so called account, but cant pay child support. losers like you and cock suckers like you – give losers like iverson hope and make them think they are the victims. he should move over seas – nobody cares about him anymore. but your right – the media has it all wrong about poor poor iverson, he got screwed. thats why he couldnt get along with players and coaches. if i leave this site- there will only be you on here then. Do better research and get some common sense dumbshit. then come back to this site or not

  • RE

    im alot of things but not that. thats just plain terrible. iverson is a true nigga. and you rnt a iverson fan forever. you were an iverson fan- because hes done

  • Guy that done his research

    God damn RE… if A.I and we are losers, what’s that make you when you’re putting yourself out as a total dumbass who’s 50 times of a loser than we could ever be.

    Everything you say is so close minded, pathetic, dumb, and mostly not true.

    Where do you get your stupid info. Coaches? It’s the GMs that don’t wanna RISK hiring him. Though they have said they require his ability, they don’t want to gamble their job on an acquisition they think could get them fired with bench issues.

    I’m done talking anyways, anyone could get further talking to a rock than you.

  • RE

    didnt think you could handle the truth about iverson..your right gm’s are dumb and are missing out on a prime person like iverson, haha, thats why they are gm’s. they know what is best for teams. (sometimes) all the gms & Coaches in the whole league most be retarded – cuz they dont want iverson .. get your dick out of his ass – and come out from under that rock you are living under. Only person that is a bigger loser than iverson is you- for sticking up for a loser that much . you should leave the website-your making yourself look dumb

  • RE

    good one…. i rather fuck my own dick then be a nigga

  • RE

    good for you, i was telling the truth

  • Francis

    I got a new dog about 1 year ago. I can’t train him and he never listens. We named him Iverson

    He is still my favorite of all time though

    just play in China man…. so you’re legend can live on!

    fort collins by way of NE Philly….

  • Realtime

    haha, thats awesome, but he has no legend, he has (a waiste of what could have been).thats not a legend , he will go down as nothing and nobody will talk about him

  • Malcolm Ivory

    Gimmie yo address Bitch

  • Malcolm Ivory

    das wut i thot fuk nigga

  • Realtime

    haha, you dont have a car or enough money for a bus ticket you worthless welfare bitch. Your probably to fucking dumb to find a bus station. But i bet you know how to get a free check. At least iverson doesnt live in an alley way – yet.

  • Realtime

    thats what i thot fuk nigga , by the way – u spell fuck – not fuk, dumb shit — not dub siht . that school could have helped ya – but what you were born to be a worthless nig, its in your blood line

  • Malcolm Ivory

    But u know if i get yo address ima beat da shit outa u

  • Realtime

    but how are you going to get here – no car , no money for a bus , do stupid to look at a map . and just to lazy – tough guy. go live in a shelter . big iverson fan but cant defend him you loser .

  • Realtime

    hey melcom X . marry xmas – hope you like ham at the shelter – maybe you will see iverson there. bottom feeders .

  • Marybods

    I am a 48yr old woman, white for that matter! Never played a day of BBall in my life! But as HUGH AI fan, I am gonna buy myself a pair of these! Love u Allen AND PLEASE come back to the NBA,

  • Deshawn

    I just want to let Iverson know I’m a huge fan. since you not in the nba I been a rudy gay fan. but as much I liked you I liked cam newton from the Carolina panthers but I know you like dallas.

  • SouthSide

    Aight RE or watever your name is I see no point in tryna argue with an “internet thug” you think wat u think about A.I. and I will do tha same I ain’t got time to argue wit you niggaz

  • Marybods

    I hope he makes a ton of money from them! To all u haters, this Man IS A LEDGEN. I have never seen any athlete who put his heart in every single game. He is passionate, gave it everything he had, every game. And believe me, NOBODY IS PERFECT. SO MIND YOUR BUISNESS U HATERS.

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