Sydney Kings and Rodney O step up bid to bring Allen Iverson to NBL?

by Dal on Dec.30, 2010, under News

061 Update: seems like the story of Allen Iverson wanting to play in Sydney may be fabricated by an Australia paper (Daily Telegraph).  There is no mention of the tweets on Allen Iverson’s official twitter page.

Daily Telegraph (Australia) claimed that Allen Iverson said (on Twitter) that he would like to end his career in Sydney, Australia.

“I am very happy here in Istanbul, but if I don’t return to the NBA I am considering a move to Australia after my two-year contract is up.

“I hear Sydney is a real good city to live in. my boy Rodney O asked me to come over. I am comin!”

This coming after Sydney basketball icon Rodney Overby and the Sydney Kings team in the Australia NBL step up their bid to bring Allen Iverson.

Kings boss Bob Turner is also working on the bid to lure Iverson to Sydney.

“I’ll definitely pursue the idea of bringing Iverson to the Kings,” Turner said.

“He’s making a lot of money playing in Turkey and fitting him under the NBL’s $1 million salary cap is something we’d have to work on, but I wouldn’t rule him out. It was Iverson who opened the door.”

Realistically, this doesn’t seem possible and Allen Iverson has not come out and officially announced it.  It sounds like Allen Iverson has become victim of the Australian media this time.

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  • Iverson's Prodigy

    YESS!!!! THANK GOD IT WASNT TRUEE!!! im a turk that lives in australia and although i didnt like to accept his move to turkey, i’d have him anywhere but here! australia sucks so much at sport (cricket’s not a sport >=D) i’d hate it if people including allen fell victim to the fake sportsmanship we have here, the crappy commentary, fans and spirit, etc!!

    Stay in turkey a.i!!! shaq might go down!!! i knew the aus media was full of bs!!! dream on aus!

  • Aussie

    dont count commonwealth games as sport mate? wat about swimming, netball, afl, hockey, rugby league, rugby union. wat sport does turkey play? if they’re even allowed to play sport…
    If you dont like it here i’d happily send you on your way bak to a country named after a dumbm bird every kills and eats

    AI would love it in aus Pls come!!!!

  • Iverson's Prodigy

    lol dont act likee this is ur country, its the abbos’s. afl isnt a sport for shit. swimming is cool, netball isnt a sport shor shit either. wateva man, bball aint shit here compared to the rest of the world, and dont get racist all i sed was aus has shit sport. i didnt like his move to turkey either for ur info. nba4L

  • Iverson

    OF COURSE ALLEN IVERSON SHOULD COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know australia is bad at sports but allen iverson will turn that around. Mind you i woundent mind if allen came to sydney or chicago :) (p.s cricket is not a sport :D )

  • Iverson's Prodigy

    hell ye, crick aint a sport eiter. believe me, im a die hard iverson fan, he shaped the person i am, he made me the person i am today and the way i live life and ball, i would do nearly anything to see him, as my dream is to one day play with or against him. but i want whats best for him, and aus is a degradation, im talkin big league boy!

  • Malcolm Ivory

    Iverson if you get this My name is Malcolm Ivory, big fan. Not your biggest because your biggest fan is probably obsessed. But anyway I’m having a hard time finding your Reebok Questions and Answer 10s in a size 10.5 each. Email me if you can help but if not its still cool. Good Luck.

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