Introduction 82993754NG001_PISTNS_LAKRSWe all know the huge success Nike had with Michael Jordan, which put Nike light years ahead of its competitors in basketball shoes. But recently, its competitors have been catching up, and one of them is Reebok. Just like Michael Jordan is the signature of Nike, Allen Iverson is the signature of Reebok, bringing forth a new Reebok – Nike rivalry. History ive2000camp.jpg Did you know that Iverson wore only Air Jordan’s growing up? (Check the bio section). His mom wanted him to go to basketball practice (Allen refused and cried because he didn’t like basketball at the time), so she bought him a pair of Air Jordans. Despite living in poverty, his mom would do anything to get him a pair whenever a new pair came out. Allen wore Nike shoes in Georgetown, primarily because the team was sponsored by Nike. But when he was drafted into the NBA, Reebok took a chance and immediately signed him to a $40 million deal for 5 years. With Allen’s phenomenal rookie season (winning the Rookie of the Year), Reebok became an instant success. His first signature shoe, the Question (after his nickname, The Answer), sold in record-breaking numbers. As Iverson continued to thrive, so did Reebok. Reebok launched a line of his signature shoe, called Reebok Answer (after his nickname), with a new pair releasing every new season. By now, Reebok was a new competitor in the basketball sector, launching the I3 Collection of clothing for both on and off the court. But still, Reebok-Nike picture is still more like David vs Goliath. Reebok has roughly $3 billion in annual sales compared to Nike’s $10 billion. However, times are changing.  As Iverson continues to succeed, so does Reebok. This should keep Nike on their toes, while putting more flavor to the shelf next time at the local Foot Locker. From the boy who wore Air Jordan’s growing up, to the superstar who made his own brand, these are his kicks, Reebok Answer’s. Iverson signs lifetime deal with Reebok Iverson signed a lifetime endorsement contract with Reebok on November 28, 2001. The deal is an extension to his 10 year, $50 million deal signed after being the No. 1 pick in the 1996 NBA draft. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, but Fireman, CEO of Reebok, said he’d never before signed a “lifetime” deal for Reebok.

“It shows a lot of commitment, and hopefully I can stand up to my part,” Iverson said. “I didn’t have the greatest past in the world, but they always stood by me and always stood up for me when times were bad. This is another time they stood by me and I’m just looking forward to doing the best I can for Reebok.”

Reebok gave Allen a Breitling watch during a news conference announcing his lifetime contract . Get ready for a Jordan-like legacy… New Article: REEBOK HAS THE ANSWER…FOR LIFE Reebok Commercial – Allen Iverson talks about his first pair of shoes.

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  • Carter

    Can u put more Old Iverson shoes back at footlocker pleaze.

  • Nya

    yo iverson shoes are the best

  • rashadprincewilliams11

    yo bubbachuck i got all yo books,shoes every pair and they are the bomb so just letting u know

  • Consuello

    Hi allen my name is Consuello! My husband used to have a pair of your red and white shoes like 2 years ago! Until they got stolen,who would want a pair of used shies riht? Neway, he really wants a pair of your shoes but cant locate any newhere. We look at stores they dont have ne,we look on line only to get took in circles! I really want to get him a pair so if you could tell me where to locate a pair id really appreciate it! Thanx! Love always a wife of your bigest fan! Consuello Peevy!

  • Arnel

    For all AI fanatics that follows his shoe line, i just ordered a pair of a 10th Anniversary The Question from this company called
    and if you get lucky you can order other AI shoes i.e Answer 3,4,8 etc. you guys should go check it out. i know it really sucks how other Nike Classic Shoes are being brought back and being sold at fine shoe store but the AI shoe line is not. i know how it feels to be browsing everywhere just to look for that special pair. sorry for this long essay,lol. peace.

  • TheMidan

    All the Ai’s are fire, I own a few pair Ice Blue Questions (gotta haves), Answer 8′s and recently 11′s, tried to cop the 12′s while I was in Qatar, but they were damaged. Most of all, what I need in my life are the grey and blue Answer 3′s, had them when they first released, loved them so much wore them too much, killed them. I dont know who is the deciding factor, but whoever it is needs to make the decsion to retro these shoes. The wife would kill me, cause I would have to buy atleast 4 pair!!

  • 天才小PP

    I am the answer to your signature on behalf of the shoes 10. Can you sent me a pair of it?

  • justine jeff homer magpantay

    ei.., wazzzup,, i know u.,. u most popular basketball player

  • Ralph

    Dear AI,
    I know that you still have some gas in that tank and want to prove to all the naysayers that you can still get the job done. Just sign with a team, get your foot in the door… prove to all that you still can put the numbers up!! Coming off the bench is not all that bad. Maybe the GM and the coach for that team will change their minds when they experience how you conduct yourself in camp…. Good luck!!

  • el-bran

    looking for a pair of questions mids size10 leather toe but the soft on is ok too ??? one of my all time favorite shoe where can i get a pair at i wish i could ask allen to get me a pair and ill pay for them and give him a few bucks for getting them for me !

  • conor mcardle

    fuck reebok put the answer 10 s back in stores or im king sew ya ya bastard

  • dweir3

    hey chuck, ive been a fan since the Hoya days sporting the patent J’s. I live just north of Detroit and feel horrible about the ways things went down here. the Mitten still has much respect and love for ya, cant wait to see the new kicks.

  • Yactha

    I want the Answer 13 but I can’t find them anywhere!! Can someone help me please?

  • mika

    iverson go beat kobe and lebron

  • mika

    iverson gooooooogogog

  • mika

    iverson start memphis 50 points

  • jason

    ,…….my idol your cross over is so very great but because your attitude is not good because you want to always to starter in the game in basketball the is in your hand..

  • anhbold

    hi all A.I is my idol I like play basketball. basketball is my life. Iverson_0247 is my yahoo mail

  • 铁蛋...

    艾 我心中永远的艾 你是最棒的 我相信你 你是永远的费城精灵 I love you ALLen

  • azhar

    go go go !!
    iverson, you can do it..

  • marco polo

    hola iverson eres mi jugador num 1 y por todo lo que estas pasando espero que lo afrontes como tu tatoo only the strong survive t queda al tiro t saludo desde cancun animo kbron

  • julian

    allen wat kinda shoes u wear r u ever gonna make ur own shoe line jordan has his own shoes kobe has his own shoes lebron has his own shoes even vince carter has his own shoes all the good nba players old or new have their own shoe line ur the greatest player ever i am ur biggest fan MAKE UR OWN SHOES

  • Dylan

    julian. the answers are his own signature shoeline.
    He has the second largest shoe line other than Jordan. He has 14 signature shoes

  • Devon johnson

    wat up this is Devon a.k.a lil mo thats what i like to be call by you can seng a nigga some money at 615 panye an maryland city of st pau; the zip code 55103

  • Алтангэрэл

    би сагсанбөмбөг тоглох хоббитой би Айвэрсон тоглож байгаа багийг дэмждэг яагаад гэвэл Айвэрсон бол хамгийн шилдэг нь

    My hobby is play basketball i play to Iverson team worship why is just Iverson backmost perfect №1

    я играет в баскэтбал

  • webgoodshoes

    My webgoodshoes inside have no, but liked, after much attention

  • Jon

    Hey guys I’m lookin for a pair of the Answer V’s (red/white all-star editions). If anyone has em between size 9-12 lemme know please.

  • Wes

    Can you please update the site with new info and stuff!!

  • Duudee

    Iam Mongolia boy.Iam 22 years old.Iverson Goodluck!!!!!

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