“Just give me a training camp” – Iverson Eyeing NBA comeback

by Dal on Jun.10, 2011, under News

BASKET-TURKEY-IVERSON-BESIKTAS Allen Iverson has declared his desire to return to the NBA.  He wants to keep his passport at home and play in the USA.  He has made an open plea to any team that will take on the services of a 36-year old former NBA MVP.

“Just give me a training camp,” he said. “Maybe I’ve rubbed people the wrong way as far as saying the things I’ve said in my life and in my career. But if any team needs me to help try and win a championship in any capacity, I’m waiting.”

Every fan knows how the 25-year-old Iverson could dazzle on the court. Like in the 2001 NBA finals, when he buried a jumper over Tyronn Lue(notes), then highstepped over the fallen Los Angeles Lakers defender in Game 1. The iconic moment ranked slightly behind his rookie year crossover vs. Michael Jordan as the most memorable of his 14-year career. A painful calcium mass developed on his right calf and he returned home opting for rest instead of surgery. Iverson’s manager, Gary Moore, said Iverson has yet to receive the green light from Dr. James Andrews to resume contact drills. Iverson was not expected to get cleared until mid-July.
He played for four teams in his last two NBA seasons, then left the Turkish club Besiktas with a leg injury. Iverson insisted he enjoyed his stay in Turkey.
“It was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had in my life,” he said. “They were great to me. They embraced me like I would never think. Everything was great as far as that experiment.”
Iverson, who mashed hip-hop culture and hoops like no player before him, was perhaps at his peak in his fifth NBA season. He averaged 31.1 points, was the MVP of the All-Star game and propped an entire franchise on his 6-foot frame all the way to the finals.
For Iverson, the points and the big games aren’t what he remembers most about 2001.
“My teammates. The love I had for them,” he said. “All of us had the same goal. It wasn’t the whole thing of us making it to the finals. It was just the partnership we had with each other. It was just the fact that we gave the city of Philadelphia everything we had every night. We weren’t the most talented team ever, but we competed night in and night out. That’s everything to me.”
“The only thing that I give a damn about is that the people that care about me know that I’m all right,” he said. “All I want is my real fans to know I’m fine, my wife is fine, my kids are fine. I’m fine and I’m looking forward to getting back on a team and being productive like I have been my whole career.”
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42 Comments for this entry

  • White Answer

    Finally Allen is Back. Thanks God, I only want to see him next season in NBA, nothing else. A.I. The Best Forever!!!

  • karlo

    yes finally some news about AI. hope the sixers will sign him.

  • Kristoffer

    God I miss him in the league. Hoping for a return next season, doesn’t matter which team (Go Bobcats!)

  • Vicki Lee

    I am so ready to see A.I. next NBA season…I think he is awesome…

  • TK

    We’re still here…waiting to see the BEST return to the BB floor. No one cares what jersey you’ll be wearing. We will be watching and cheering louder than ever.
    There has never been anyone play with such heart as you….and you did it every game.
    We have missed you.

  • IS

    i hope ai goes to da bulls they need another superstar to help d rose, iverson needs a ring

  • ND

    it will never happen, its over and we all know it. good bye , to late , to sad, nobody wants you for a reason. get old and broke . to late/ like the bulls would want him haha,and if the bobcats didnt take him a year ago they sure wont a year later with a bad calf hahaha

  • Iverson's Prodigy

    i was in tears when i first heard about this a few days ago, its good to hear he is ok! God bless iverson!

    btw, ND, stfu! i dont get u saying we all know it, becoz i believed he would be back and he did come back after retirement. and we believe he can still play! and we are not wrong regardless to whether he gets signed or not

  • teneg pizda

    Hey, wake Up Allen!! You will never play in NBA again! You cant run and jump and shot like before Give it up man! Your movement, dribbling, shooting everything is freaking slow now, how can you play against these young monsters you old faggot!!

  • Michael Jordan

    Fortunetly he is not MJ! He is Iverson, so give up and get old! He will never come back! Farewell Iverson! Play in Turkey and retire up there!

  • J

    AI! no, its not true.. AI! YEAH! Cmon AI, lets kick some asSes and prove u can still play!

  • ND

    i was almost in tears hahahahahaha. WHAT A LOSER , YOU ARE IVERSONS PRODIGY. he is done . nobody cares

  • The Answer

    @ all you haters !!!
    Yes, AI is Old !!!
    We all gettin older !!!
    For a man like him, i wish he still could play in the NBA with all these young Guys !!!
    AND HE WILL !!!
    THAT`S THE THING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IF HE ACCEPT THIS, THEN ALL THE AI FANS (Like Me and Million Others) + you Haters will see Bubba Chuck next year back in the NBA again!!!

  • marc

    I REALLY WANT TO SEE A.I. back in the NBA i dont care what team he is in i just want to see him play again

  • Iverson's Prodigy

    what’s wrong ig i was almost in tears? i see, ur jealous, or more like have never found the inspiration i can find, im not a loser for being a better person because of allen iverson.

    nobody cares? take a look at the majority of these comments.

  • JrJoker420

    Allen Iverson come to Miami please !!!!!!!

  • l.ivy

    After Dallas won thinking of Allen & JKid being the same age and thinking how ironic and sad. Best wishes. It would be good 2c Allen back in the NBA arena. Glad to hear he and Tawana are still together. I’ll be checking.

  • nb

    y r u comin on an allen iverson website to hate for its obvious u love him cuz ur here looking go home and jerk off on sum1 else

  • KD

    Hey yo all, he is old now, he is done! he cant play ball now, he even cant play against Turkish players, what a shame for AI, he was great when he young, but now he is old! nobody would sign him, why?
    Take care your children AI and get a life,
    dont be stupid man!

  • just wright

    You know I am a big fan of Allen and ive love to see him playing in the nba . But he needs to understand that hi is 36 not 20 and he wil be a bench player and he wil need to understand his role . I think he can do it and you knew Miami has just loseed the finals . Whith Allen they could win the finals this year

  • ND

    i just think its funny how dumb some people are and cant look at the truth. its not very hard to see but for some people it is. only reason this website is here , is to make money off dumb people like you. you are probably one of the idiots that donates money to him so he can go gamble. but what you are still probably in tears yet, and still getting you like inspired by a person you havent ever talked to or been talked to. i hope you dont have kids , thats how we get more dumb people and losers is from people like you. can like someone thats is a loser by the way

  • Dre

    Hopefully Iverson goes to the Heat. They recently just came up short and in need for a gamechanger like Allen Iverson. Just imagine; Iverson playing alongside Lebron James, Dywane Wade and Chris Bosh. He would definately win a championship then…..

  • KD23

    I dont understand y haters coming on this site and doin what they do best hating….. I hope AI come back and play i dont care for what team but i would love to see him play for the heat If he play for the heat he wont stop until he get a ring maybe 2

  • ai83

    For the all haters, AI is the best, aleluya good news about AI.

    Allen your fans waiting for you, your place is the NBA.



  • Iverson's Prodigy


  • Iverson's Prodigy


    btw ND, im sorry if having an inspiration and being a better person means being a loser, i truly feel sorry for you and your attempts. u need some1 like iverson to look up to

    btw IDIOT, this is a fan site, iverson doesnt make money here u ignorant hater

  • Ralph Scala

    Let’s see
    1. Bailed on the Pistons – Bad back
    2. Bailed on the Grizzlies – Got hurt in training camp and expected to start
    3. Bailed on the Sixers – His daughter got sick
    4. Bailed on Turkey – Calf injury
    5. Another chance?? Somehow I can’t see him playing 17 minutes a game and being a cheerleader in the 4th qtr

  • Not a Hater

    Even though he’s 36, I think AI could be “the answer” for a few teams. Of these, I think the most likely is the LA Lakers or the Portland Blazers. He would probably want two things: to be a starter and to win a championship. These two contending teams satisfy both of these needs, as Portland needs a PG and the two PGs on the Lakers are Steve Blake and Derek Fisher. Also, he would be able to be “playing 17 minutes a game and being a cheerleader in the 4th qtr,” like Ralph Scala said, since Fisher is so clutch in the 4th quarter and there are other options in LA.

  • Dexta_03

    Allen Iverson is da best der is and best dat will ever be THE ANSWER plzz return back to the nba we want to c u in action….MAMA TOLD U KNOCKOUT MIKE TYSON STYLE rite man KNOCK DEM DOWN…

  • #3JJ#3

    AHHHHHHH!!!! so excited about the new AI news… AI can definitely come to a team that is close to a title and push them over the edge. If the heat had AI this post season i dont think those fourth quarter collapses would have happened. Also they can probably get him for the veteran minimum which is all they can afford. He can take the place of mike bibby which didnt do crap besides turn the ball over every other possession and miss most of his shots. Maybe even the knicks can use him … they have melo, amare and chauncy, ai can play the 2 there easily. All I know is that many teams should be kicking themselves in the ass for not picking him up this season … could have turned someones season around. Cant wait for your returnnnnnnnn getting ready to get that new jersey!!!!!

  • Ron

    All you losers talking abt AI. Get a life. Like he proved himself against Lue, he’ll do something even greater to prove himself again…. Idiots… Smh…sick of you kakas… *spits*

    • jhinla

      knowing its not good doing that over lue but dont you ever imagine what artest did to harden and among others??? but still in the nba…. are you crazy???
      IVERSON,, the best!!!

  • Jackson

    Ron is a TRUE hater!!!

  • hahahaha

    Hahaha Allen Iverson will never return in NBA! hahahaha and pay your debt you fucking faggot!

    • jhinla

      the best!!! he’s not 6’4 nor 6’7 but look what he has done..!!! and dont talk with personal life coz what we’re talking here is basketball and career achievements…

  • Stuart Wesonga

    Still my favorite player of all time even know I’m 6″7 and 19 now and got a scholarship to play basketball , you cannot question his heart and I have definitely paid for some mistakes as well but I still have time to get stuff back watching him makes me light up inside and I play very very compatibly right now in 2012 glad your fine. I hope I’ll be fine to someday

    • Stuart Wesonga

      Competitively* but watching him makes me Never lose the passion I have to get back to my division 1 scholarship level and I thank him for that ill get past the shoulder surgery and the people that turned me away when I know I am a division 1 player and that’s the safest place for me and this guy no matter what keeps me hungry no matter how I feel somedaya

    • jhinla

      AGREE!!! IVERSON,, the best!!! THE ANSWER, 3…

  • Saint464

    Whooooohooooo… About time baby. I have a reason to watch the NBA again. Come back and do your thing BigBruh…

  • jhinla

    THUMBS UP!!! IVERSON,, the best!!! THE ANSWER, 3…

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