“I’m not retired yet‎” – Allen Iverson Presents Game Ball in Sixers Play-Off Game 6

by Dal on May.23, 2012, under News

145146662 Allen Iverson presented the Game Ball at the Celtics-Sixers Game 6 Showdown and  received a heartfelt ovation from the fans. Maybe some good ol’ AI Magic rubbed off, as the Sixers won and forced a Game 7 with the Celtics.

Iverson cupped his hand to his ear and received the loudest ovation of the night. He watched the game from a suite and his eyes watered up when he was shown later in the game on the big screen as the crowd, thousands wearing a No. 3 jersey, went wild and chanted, ”MVP!” Iverson posted on Twitter, ”You can always come home again!!!”

A more revealing moment came during a second-quarter interview with Lisa Salters on ESPN’s telecast.

Asked if he was retired, Iverson told Salters: “I’m not using that word. I wanna play basketball so bad. The way it is right now, I’ve accepted the fact [the NBA] may not happen, but I still want to play basketball. If I can get an opportunity to where it’s gonna make me happy at the end of my career, I’ll take that opportunity.”

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  • bikibaws

    ai to NYK

    they need a PG (i know ai is a combo but the man knows how to run plays and can average 6-7 apg)

    if b diddy retires (i hope he doesnt have to)

    i remember reading an article saying that NYK didnt sign ai because they wanted to give toney douglas more minutes…where is douglas?

    he can switch the 1-2 with lin but they’ll have a small backcourt

    he played well and existed with melo and jr for a few years back in denver

    NY being the birthplace of hiphop…

    sign marcus camby too!

    • JohnY

      melo,jr,camby and iverson?? thats the denver nuggets a few years back…. I hope to see A.I doing his thing again in th NBA….dont care in which team…

  • wREck

    hey there crapster i have a question for you, have you ever played against Allen Iverson? what makes you say that he’s a loser huh? i bet you can’t dunk or even shoot over him, much less win a one-on-one game against him.

    who’s the loser now, crapster? hahaha!!! :D

  • Rob

    would be awesome if AIlive launched a facebook page, with a link to the articles so we remain updated.. sometimes i forget to check for a while, and miss a lot of great posts. thanx anyway for this cool website!

  • wREck

    Hey hey hey, you haven’t answered this question yet!

    have you ever played against Allen Iverson?

    YES or NO?

    ANSWER! No diversionary tactics allowed! :D

    If you refuse to answer that question, you’re the one who’s “retarded” and “stupid” haha! :D

  • kobe

    @wREck i played against him, and i won, i saw that even he couldn’t play against chinese players. give it up!

  • porong

    hope you can play in dallas mavericks and finish your career there,, those A.I crazemania was gone but your legacy still in our mind and heart ,so we hope your fans and mark cuban by god grace will giving you a chance to play there we dont care if they have big 3 or big 4.. or even big 5 they can make ,, if you playing there you and dirk will combine a good team when your number you will be wearing 3 and dirk number 41,, we can make 143 …

  • RE

    wow do you live in a fairy tale world. he would probably score three points and 143 turnovers. you better hope they have the bench playing , that will be tough enough. dumbest thing i have heard in a very long time.


    • .

      Why are you such a hater fuckhead? Go on and find something to do in your life you prick. You’re hating coz you envy A.I and wish you could be him. So go on and eat a sack of baby dicks you faggot!

  • RE

    wow, good one. i wish i could be broke and not wanted by anybody in the nba. and have a fan as smart as you.

  • Terrell

    Allen Iverson, as he is closing in on the 5 year period before eligible for the Hall of Fame, needs to get back on that court and go out the appropriate way.

    Allen Iverson revolutionized the game in so many way; from fashion to pop culture.

    I’m so upset at the way he left the league and have been waiting for that moment when he gets to lace ‘em up again and retire the way a Hall of Famer should.

    Pound for pound, Allen Iverson is the best to ever play the game! His influence is all over the league even today. How many players do you see with the full arm protector? Allen Iverson started that…How many players went with the cornrows? Also Allen Iverson influenced this style. He had his finger on the league but the league, David Stern in particular, would have nothing of this, hints all of the “Allen Iverson initiated regulation”; dress code, etc.

    I hope to get the opportunity to see him one last time n that big stage we call the NBA. I have a 10 year old son absolutely loves the game, but doesnt know who Allen Iverson is. This fact alone is an absolute travesty. A travesty due to the lack of acknowledgement of what Allen brought to the game and the generational impact/movement he pioneered.

    Come back Bubba Chuck for one last curtain call.


  • Realtime

    PLEASE give your kid up for abdotion. cuz you are retared and he will just be as dumb as u. dumb people raise dumb kids. corn rows,sleeves,clothes,shoes – thats not the nba- and greatness. thats a nig trting to make money and not wanting to work. that shit dont change the game. championships and records due, just relize its over and he was a waiste of talent .

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