Allen Iverson Opts For Rehab Rather than Surgery

by Dal on Feb.02, 2011, under News

Turkey Basketball Eurocup Allen Iverson will attempt to rehabilitate his troublesome right calf without surgery after being examined Monday by noted surgeon James Andrews. Andrews diagnosed the injury as a calcium deposit with additional secondary bleeding.

“It’s tricky because of the location,” Andrews said. “So we’re going to try to treat it without surgery.” In a statement provided by Iverson’s manager, Gary Moore, Andrews said Iverson probably won’t be able to return for “six to eight weeks or more.”

“At this point it is certainly more important to get [Iverson's] calf healed and asymptomatic than it is to try to play with continued pain, ” Andrews wrote.

The injury prompted Iverson to leave his current team, Besiktas of the Turkish League, to return to the United States for treatment. Iverson signed with Besiktas after failing to receive an offer from a single NBA team.

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  • White Answer

    The Answer is the Best, and he will play in Turkish League PlayOff-s 100 %. Allen is fighter.

  • practice

    i really wish he could finish a whole year/season for once. he keeps failing to play for the rest of the year/season.

  • Mika

    I Wish He Returns To The NBA That Is If A Team Wants Him I Want To Know Why The Don’t

  • cincere20

    TEAMS want allen iverson….DAVID STERN doesnt want teams to sign him HE HATES IVERSON because iverson brought hip hop to the nba….what hall of famer or 10+ allstar player has to come off the bench especially after posting 25.6 pts a game 7.8 assista again 1 steal an shooting percentages from fg% and 3pt% all best in their career…. you never heard of such a thing an never will..only reason iverson dropped to 17pts agame in detroit is because thats their style of play an he elected to play their an conform to their system playin 2/3rds the mins he was use to taking 2/3rds the shots.. so puttin up 2/3ds the pts….folks start sayin he lost a step not even…he just did wha was asked of him by so many an soon as he did everybody took shots at him “oh he aint got it no more” bs…
    if steve nash an j=kidd jason terry, vince carter ray allen kobe gilbert areans ect can still play at a hight level and still start then why can’t allen iverson he was a far better player than all of them more durable more reliable…far higher stamina far better stat lines an yet he should come off the bench PLEASE….

  • ai83

    Stern is a hypocrite, Allen Iverson should be playing in the NBA.

  • #3JJ#3

    NEW YORK needs AI cmonnnnnn pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! whos for this cmon stoudemire +melo +ai = championships

    • lou

      Never really thought of this but that would be a nice comeback for AI and NY would x-ept him with open arms. Im with it, BRING the real king of the cross over to NY. If not, atleast allow him back in the league that his entire way of being made MILLIONS for, the NBA.

  • JH

    Does anyone know if AI will come back to Besiktas? It says he has “left the team” – what does that mean exactily? I am writing a fan of his, and as an American living over here in Istanbul. Once you adjust to Istanbul, which can be difficult, it is a great and exciting place to live – and I know the fans here love him. Here’s to wishing The Answer a speedy recovery and a quick return to Turkey!!

  • nick

    allen iverson is the greates cencere what u said is 100% truee iverson is the most donmnte player ever not lebron nd kobe allen iverosn ic nt bleive he nba threw him out nd no on cared it seems everyoen forgot bout the answer not me i still rember those cross over tho 60 points thos 50 points 40 30 doubl doubles triple doulbes 2001 finals what a donmitne playerr allen get better the nba misses youu i hope ur haivng fun in turkey i only wish best for you

  • TimLiao

    I luv u, AI~
    Go bac to NBA~

  • cincere20

    if the miami heat can sign mike bibby hardly an all-star caliber player with half the talents of ai then they coulda signed ai stern wouldnt allow anybody to sign ai he was blackballed out the league I SAY F### STERN AN F%%% THE NBA bunch of politics…

  • Slymann33


  • senegaleseafrican

    ai forever man before ai now ai future ai

  • aries

    To: cincere20

    Any basis to all the things that u been said about David Stern, being blackballed, Hip-Hop etc…
    I am also a fan of AI, he is my Idol in basketball, but i don’t think just for that reasons no one team wants him. For my own opinion the bad reputations that bring to the media that makes an NBA team not interested on him… When the trade done between Denver and Detroit starts that, then the head coach Curry handed Iverson wrong. After that season a new hope when Memphis signed him a contract but Iverson is impatient maybe ego (i also agreed he should belong to the starting lineup), but sometimes you need to earned it. And the Grand and Drama again in Philly, only the first game is electrified and no improvements going… its a fan base but they must win games… I think Iverson is done in NBA I’m not happy when he signed in Besiktas and still hoping that maybe next season he will be back to NBA. In the end when Iverson said he is doing this for his love for this game, then I have nothing more to say.

  • illadelphia79

    Lets be honest the NBA is a racist orgnization. For years they have made billions off of young black men who they waved fortunes in their faces ripped them off of the neighborhood basketball courts and the years of offering the young highschool students money to skip college and go to the NBA. You think this went on without Stern knowing. Of course not. Iverson has been ostrisized from the NBA for bringing what stern fears the most. The black interest. Have you noticed the large oasis of black coaches since iverson joined the league. Lets be real now, most of the top teams are majority African American. The number of players with braids since A.I. joined the flashiness and yes the personal issues that sometimes plague young men from the inner city were all contributing factors to the alienation of Iverson….

    Allen, you owe us, you owe yourself. Make that stand against Stern, leave on your terms dont be blackballed because you played blackball.

    • McCaff

      Racist…they only have black players and very few white. Iverson is out because nobody wants to deal with his out til 6am smashed with different women every night lifestyle. It’s over for the guy…jason Kidd is 38, really black and still in the league…wanna know why-because he takes care of himself and can still play.

  • KD23

    Allen should be back any time now…………

  • Iverson's Prodigy

    he is nowhere near done in the nba. u stated it urself, its just cuz his rep is bad, and his stats only declined becuz thats how teams want him to play. ever since detroit, his stats went down, and even then he had nice stats. he went to memphis, again, after a long break he scored 11 points and 5 assists i think in 20 mins. its just the way ppl want him to play, but pathetic iverson haters and other nba fans say he is too old, i say screw ‘em! u want him to score, he’ll score =D

  • Me

    I think thats bs what stern did he sure wasnt crying when iverson was scoring big and putting his team on the map he wants to be like that thats BS! Can’t anyone be themselves anymore without having to worry about what this racist organization satis I think thats BS on the real being that I’m a person of color I can just imagine how AI feels. Dont worry AI no matter where u go u still got plenty of fans not just here in the US but all over the world keep ure head up G

  • ian homem

    yo where AI at? havent heard from him in a long time!!!

    • Iverson's Prodigy

      @ian homem, just recently he had a run-in with the police regarding his lamborghini not having valid license plates and he had made brief insults to the cop =[, but came back and apologized later on =]. also APPARENTLY, i dunno if this is true, but his house in colorado is having something done to it by autorities

  • TimLiao

    so he’s not going bac to Turkey?
    how about his injury status? any update for that?

  • melih

    day of matches in the future to look forward to the playoffs, Allen bout Turkey happens to have made some great songs for you, quickly grabbed a form if you come in you will be perfect to be the champion I am sure it will be easier when you’re king Iverson beşiktaşı CHILD “Allen Iverson”

  • White Answer

    Allen, you must return as soon as possible, basketball is not the same without you. You are the Best, please return to the parquet.

  • Rob

    is the man still alive o what?

  • borno

    Allen Iverson sucks! There are more great players still in NBA at 35. even same year draft picks from 1996. Iverson is stupid and weak, he is pretty cool when he was young, but his talents gone when he became stupid.

  • shaashaa

    His basketball talents gone people. He will never play well again! RIP man. Its bitter but TRUE! retire and get a life AI!

  • drunk mad guy

    Allen Iverson is drunk guy and yeah, he is old and he can play from bench now.

  • Iverson's Prodigy

    hahaha, last three comments r bs, theres no proof to that, ridiculously ignorant. im not even gonna bother, but real iverson fans know wat im talkin about

  • sad

    AI can still play, especially if he is willing to come off the bench. the bad news is that he won’t play b/c no team wants his baggage. he should have just stuck it out with the grizzlies, look at them now. anyways, goodbye AI I hope you get into the hall of fame for the 1st half of your career.

  • J

    If u say that AI sucks or if u hate AI why are u visiting this channel? Shut your fucking mouth stupid, ALLEN IVERSON ALWAYS THE BEST. No matter in philly, denver, detroit, memphis or besiktas, true AI fans knows that thr isnt gonna be another AI, not rose, not parker, not jennings, no wall. Allen Ezail Iverson men.

  • chx

    You wanna know what made AI the BEST? `cause the guys you kept comparing him to, which the guy above me mentioned, ROSE, PARKER, JENNINGS, WALL, sheez even add NASH, PAUL, KIDD they are all PG. AI was playing SG with Snow as a PG. That’s why he will be the Greatest-Little-Man To play the Game.

  • Ralph Scala

    Just think he could be on the Grizzlies competing for a shot in the Western Conference Finals, if only he would come off the bench. His ego won’t let him. Look at you now. It’s a young man’s game. David Stern has nothing to do with it. He had plenty of opprtunities but choose to sulk and whine. Gary Payton came off the bench for that Heat Championship team.

  • J

    CHX,im comparing AI with those players ONLY because the style of play, little man with nice ball moves and man wtf? They are now comparing Rose with AI, commn…

  • Iverson's Prodigy

    he should have stayed put a bit more, but iverson wasnt sulking or anything, he was better than everyone on the dam team, yet they put him on the bench like they want to lose, thats wat iverson was thinking, why should i play for a team that basically wants to lose? the game where the incident happened, iverson was open for a buzzer beater, yet they passed it to randolph who cant shoot anywhere near as good as iverson, and he was being guarded too AND they could see iverson. c wat i mean? grizzlies were just kidding themselves back then

  • aries

    I’m just thinking what if AI still in Grizzlies uniform together with tony allen, battier, randolph and gasol fighting for western semis. its a chance to win over OKC thunder and its a very interesting macth-up against Dallas and a big opportunity to be in the Finals and beat any of Heat and Bulls.

    I’m just thinking AI made a right thing…

  • A.I. The ANSWER

    Grizzlies killed A.I.´s career. F*ck you all: Stern,Pistons, Grizzlies- i hate you. Everytime i watch A.I. videos from youtube, i allways think ” what if..” – this is so f*cking sad, my favourite player of all time. F*ck Rondo, Rose etc. – there will never be another A.I.

    • cincere20

      Im with you man….yall can say what you want A.I was railroaded out the league he was better than everyone on the grizzlies…an reguardless of what you all say he should have been doing at his age he is still and was still better than any player in the league that was starting at that age including steve nash , arenas fisher, grant hill….. ray allen ect..he demanded a double team every night and defenses to strategize around him…game changer u only come off the bench if the person in your position is better or gives you a better chance of winning….now teams stackin up superstars…hell teams could use a 13 year all star an prooven hall of famer in AI…tops in the league in scoring assist in steals for over 80% of his career….an was still doin it big untill HE WAS ASKED TO CHANGE HIS GAME TO FIT OTHER TEAMS CHEMISTRY…IF he was asked to go out an b A.I then we wouldnt be having this conversation right now…you haters that are here to bash iverson GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE….go deal with you personal problems an low self esteem issues elsewhere…

  • ND

    give it up , we all knew you waisted your talent and you turned out the way we all thought you would. what a waist. good luck with the future , what future? you have nothing left. good job

    • cincere20

      WASTED TALENT MAN U crazy…take that hatin ish elsewhere…

      • firewater1977

        Man do you know what this man has done to change the game of basketball, get a life for real they shun on players that speak their mind, and know how to keep it real. Thats why no team wants him, thats a shame the NBA wants to control the players, and when you have a player like Allen who they can’t control they make him out to be an asshole or out of control.

  • Iverson's Prodigy

    ND, u r useless, just like all the stupid haters who hav no reason to hate him. u ignorant fags never look deep enough. every negative thing i heard about him is false, EVERYTHING.

    cincere20 i 100% agree with u

  • ND

    nobody will remember him for the good years (not many at all) they will all remember him for the way he went out, nobody liked him, nobody wanted to play with him, not coach liked him. telling the truth is not hating , open your eyes . and who names them self iversons prodigy, can you say fag. maybe you should get his dick out of your ass . he could have been alot better and went alot longer then he did if he wouldnt have screwed up like a loser. to late now.

    • aries

      What is your problem? All the things that u said is nonsense and irrelevant… People came here to this site to catch some updates about our Idol not for your personal ideas of hate… I’m very sure you have an Idol too, so respects us…
      As you said nobody will remember Iverson for the good years, c’mon is happening already coz Iverson done so many good thing as basketball is concern.

      Then I’m just thinking maybe you are also a fan of Iverson who give-up because of what happened to his career.

      I’m a type of a fan who admires Iverson because of his talent, quickness, toughness and all the things he have done in the history of basketball. He is only 165lbs and 6’0” but he accomplished so many.

      We are all very different to one another, even to our idols…. Sometimes disagreement to decisions, attitude and acts… and that is life… if all NBA players are same like Stephen Curry and Grant Hill who won the sportsmanship awards, were is the excitements to the game?

      Peace ND

  • ND

    i will give you one credit, i did like iverson when i was a young high school kid when i didnt know any better, he was awesome to watch and the best around but when you look at at now, he is just a loser and could have been alot more and alot better if he would have grown up. everybody else grows ups, how about him ? you say respect us and him for what? nobody talks about him in that way like koby or jorand and never will ? and we all know it , as much as it hurts ? he was good but its time to say what is real and stop kissing his ass and say ” hey what they hell men you were once something but now nothing” and if i was a coach i would say look at iversons stength but not his team effort. and we all know it. cant bull shit the truth

  • real

    aries hasent played a bit of ball in his life, true want a be LOSER. GO HOME TALKER

  • aries

    I got u…

    U r a fan of Iverson who have so much hate in ur heart because of what happen to Iverson’s career. Because Iverson didn’t go ur on way u want Iverson the way of ur thinking. Are u closed to Iverson did u give him an advise then he turn down ur advice.
    Maybe u r a fan of D. Rose now who won the MVP, a fan of number one draft pick, a fan of a player whom still in his peak of his athleticism.

    The way u think is very different to the others, U can say Iverson is a loser, with bad attitude, super ego man, chemistry killer, gambler, alcohol addict etc… many of us here we knew all of those, but we still like him.

    Now what is the point? People still loves him and admires what he done.

    Instead of telling us to stop kissing his ass, its much better to say leave Iverson and let the pain in ur heart go too…leave this site to us stop ur hated views. Live positively because so many negative vibes in ur perosonality.

    This is not a matter who can play the basketball I don’t see ur point, its just an admiration to a person no matter what happened to him or who is he.

  • ND

    good job preacher. he is just a loser and a waiste of talent . u people should stop kissing his ass and get a life , he will go down as a loser. and i think real is right that you havent played ball before , youhave to play ball to understand something about a player. you dont like my opion shut up and take it. its true and thats why it hurts.

  • Iverson's Prodigy

    As corny as i may sound right now, Iverson has saved my life without even knowing and has given me the verge to live on. A loser? You call being an inspiration to most small players out there a loser? You call giving it your all every game and carrying a team full of not-the-best of players a loser? You call being a hero to so many people in the world and changing their lives a loser? You call being classified as one of the greater players (allstar) being a loser? How about saving my life without even knowing? The guy gives a ridiculous amount of inspiration, something so beautiful yet you call him a loser.

    Here’s something in your selfish language: you call making millions being a loser?

    Get iverson’s dick out my ass? You’re immature and don’t understand, just because you cant find inspiration out of him.

    im betting my right hand ur gonna say something like: hop off his dick or something. well that just shows everything about haters like u. i gave u more than enough proof, in fact, those that sit there and judge people without looking deeper are losers such as yourself, and im only calling u one, becuz ur calling iverson one for no good reason. i know more truth to iverson than u do, becoz i bothered to look deeper, becoz im not an ignorant fool who simply looks at stats and the media.

    lemme guess, ur gonna say i wasted my time or i look like an idiot for typing this much? i dont care, i’ll do anything but sit here and have people talk bad about my hero. as foolish as i may sound, im right when i say he’s not a loser

  • aries

    well, sounds good…
    all the things that u said is everything that he can’t understand from the start.

    and now every post he done here is nothing new almost same no more ideas…

    Loser and we r wasting our time according to him, at 1st he started this he came to this site and preach us and to accept the truth, “wow”. If der is a loser here none other than u, trying to convince us (for what?), preach us to have a life (what life?), words of hatred (for yourself). Then he dint get any and waste his time here.

  • nick

    um ok whoever keep wrting me shit need to shut the fuck up i grew up in philly the time when iverson was playing for us i went to every game i cant even rember one i missed i went to the finals in 01 i watched how much iverson workd on that dam floor to get a win for his team iv seen him go to PRATICE in ffull out bqangages around his wasit and arms iv seen him throw his body on line for his team you think you know something about him but uv never seen him play u call him a loser when he won everything in basketball but a champ you call him a cry baby when all he did was speck the truth and no one in the nba likes it if you aaverage 26 points a game thirs in scoraing race the year before and then tradted and then sat on a bench u would come out and say stuff too you dont like him cuz he says the truth i could give a shit about d drose and his mvp he didnt do so great against the heat a mvp shouldnt be shut down idc what u people say iverson will always be my favtore player and philly will always be my fav team. so stop sending me bull shit

  • chx

    “youhave to play ball to understand something about a player”

    Just wonderin’ did David Aldridge played basketball?

  • Elayorx

    Aww man; haven’t been here in a while, but the stuff I’m reading upon my return is downright ridiculous regarding BC being a loser, or whatever else.

    C’mon, it’s obvious to a blind, deaf, mute, that the man was conspired against. Period! It’s not BC’s fault that the image that helped develop him as a human being, has been used by the machine(media), to promote the gangsta lifestyle, thuggery, and demonization of so-called black people in America, even world wide. Ok, he might have gotten a bit caught up, but do you detractors know how this dude grew up? If you had a clue, you may feel differently. Do some research, and no, I’m not private part riding(lol), because I’ve called it down the middle on BC, which is what I think everyone needs to do, and not get too caught up with the iconicity of it all.

    I’m sorry, but toward the tail end of his career, again, it is COMPLETELY obvious. The only difference being, those that devised this little plan did not bank on BC up and leaving. They thought my dude was gonna sit there and take this undeserved abuse, and mistreatment. That is what we call, A REAL DUDE!!! I would go to war with homie any day of the week. He coulda sat there, on the bench(are you kidding me?), with the media having a field day, night in, and night out, talking about his supposed “decline”; and please let’s not talk about his “impatience”, because if you believe that a player of his stature, and notoriety, would just up and leave a situation again, after what transpired in Detroit, I’ve got some free air here to sell you. He knew what was going on, what was happening insidiously. BC is not the first to have this happen to him, and if you take a little time to study, the same pattern plays itself out, over, and over again, just with new faces. Homie said to hell with this, because his dignity, and self-respect were much more important, and vital to his well-being, than any ring made from the best stuff the Universe has to offer.

    Aight, well, I’ve gone on a bit too long once again, so Ima fall back, and wait for BC to line his ducks back up, and come out with some new things that will be well worth the wait. He has good people around him, and the last time I checked, he has 5 real “rings” that he is blessed to have the ability to take care of, in the form of his children, with his Wisdom, at home. Please people, let’s do a little digging before we get all emotionally wrapped up in this, slinging mud, and rocks at the throne. Even Jordan done slung a few(smh), but it’s time for us to be the change we really wanna see in the world, alluding to the tone of some of the more positive replies I’ve read on here.

    Oh, and by the way, I do not think Stern hates Iverson, so much as he too has shortcomings, in the form of programming, through no fault of his own that he also has to deal with, like everyone else. He knows what Iverson did for the league, and deep down, he HAS to respect that. Trust me:-) Ya’ll be cool, and BC is going to be just fine. Peace

  • J

    Allen Iverson is going to be in the NBA once again next season, watch it at And for all the haters, wtf are u visiting this page and writing about AI if u dont wanna see him again? I dont understand why u all waste your time writing stupid thing´s. If u love AI, welcome to the webpage. If u hate AI, go to play basketball out there.

    (Sorry for my english)

  • Iverson's Prodigy

    as much as i expected from the iverson’s inspiration and his fanbase, it brings tears to my eyes at just how amazing it is for a few people like the ones above, who are able to see past the bullshit the media puts up and how we recognise his greatness. he will never be forgotten, he is a part of me afterall, he basically makes who i am =’]

    thx iverson and thx to the awesome fanbase, we are united and strong!

  • nick


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